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  • ATOM Software: Automated Tax Office Manager - ATOM Software Automated Tax Office Manager Tax Office Software
    The definitive tool set and blueprint for tax professionals to organize and grow their businesses.
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    tax office communications

    Convenience for Customers

    • Your customers have reduced lobby wait time
    • Your customers get immediate answers since data is quickly retrievable
    • Your customers' records are stored in secure portal versus misplaced files
    • Decrease in return preparation time for your satisfied customers
    • Your customers can access their files online via password protected site 24/7
    tax office document management

    Efficiency for Employees

    • Simply put, it's simple to learn and simple to use for your employees
    • Designed for quick ramp-up for your seasonal employees
    • Online punch clock provides your employees with better time tracking
    • Your employees can access their schedules anytime, anywhere
    • Less hassle, less "hunting," less paper means happier employees

    tax office contact management

    Bonanza for Business

    • Store documents online - less paper, files, cabinets= more space
    • Experience enhanced and centralized communication across your office
    • Better monitor your office(s) and your employee's productivity 
    • Immediately identify best referral sources, and automate Refer-A-Friend
    tax office reports

    Money & Time: Well Spent

    • Click on "Calculate Savings" above and find out how much $$$$ you can save
    • Click on "Incredible Prices" to find out how you get a better return
    • Scheduling is a breeze with an automated appointment calendar
    • Spend more time away from the office during peak filing season
    • Eliminate hassle and frustration of installing and upgrading multiple softwares

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